Six on Saturday 13th November

Some of my Six points today don’t look particularly Novemberish because, although I have been complaining quite a lot about the advent of winter, I guess even I have to concede that it’s not actually that cold yet. I’ve only worn my big coat once, and that was only because I was walking round a steel works.

Anyway, on to my points, and I’m starting with a transformation. Our neighbour has had some tree surgery work done and it’s made a massive difference to us both in terms of light.

I can’t imagine how dark the back of his house must’ve been before the tree was felled. My home office is in the back bedroom and it’s made my work space much lighter, and we actually get sunshine in the kitchen now. I can’t wait to see the difference in the summer. We’ve offered to go halves with him on getting some more huge trees reduced in size and that should be happening in February, so watch this space!

Next up are some impressive fungi. These are so big that I can see them from the aforementioned home office and I decided they needed to be featured here. I went down the garden to photograph them this morning and they’re really quite spectacular. I’m never sure whether you should get rid of fungi or not. I guess I should google whether they do any harm.

I featured these nerines in the last Six I did before they’d opened up. They’re new to me so I didn’t know what to expect but I’m delighted with them. They’re such a welcome splash of colour when most of the rest of the garden is snoozing away. They came from granny’s garden, so wherever she is, I hope she can see them and they make her happy.

I included this in my last Six as well but I thought it was worth including an updated photo because the flowers have emerged and they’re really something quite special. They look like they should have fairies sitting on toadstools underneath them sheltering from the cold.

I’ve included a glorious splash of purple in my last two points. First is the last remaining verbena flower. They’ve got such cheerful colouring and, continuing the fairy theme, can’t you just imagine a fairy wearing these as a hat? What a beautiful fairy hat that would be. That fairy would be the toast of the town sitting on her toadstool underneath the fatsia Japonica wearing her exclusive verbena bonnet!

Whereas the verbena is clinging on to its final flower, the erysimum is still covered in flowers waving around in the November breeze. This was a sale table find and it flowers reliably, and beautifully, every year.

I won’t be doing my gardening today, but if it’s dry I might try to get out tomorrow to do some last minute tidying and make use of the last green bin collection of the year. I hope you all have a fabulous fun filled weekend, but maybe you’ll find some time to check out other Sixes on the Propagator’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13th November

  1. Noelle 173007 SatEurope/London2021-11-13T19:34:52+00:00Europe/London11bEurope/LondonSat, 13 Nov 2021 19:34:52 +0000 2017 / 7:34 pm

    As well as having more light your garden will benefit from not being quite so dry too. Your Fatsia plant is looking fabulous.

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  2. tonytomeo 173009 SatEurope/London2021-11-13T21:23:50+00:00Europe/London11bEurope/LondonSat, 13 Nov 2021 21:23:50 +0000 2017 / 9:23 pm

    The basidiocarps are merely the sporulating structures of the fungi within. Removal does not inhibit the process of decay. I remove them from rotting fences and retaining walls because I dislike them, and because it seems that removal inhibits proliferation (although it doesn’t).

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  3. Paddy Tobin 173012 SunEurope/London2021-11-14T00:10:03+00:00Europe/London11bEurope/LondonSun, 14 Nov 2021 00:10:03 +0000 2017 / 12:10 am

    Goodness, that was a dreadful place for that tree. Good that it is gone/

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  4. janesmudgeegarden 173002 SunEurope/London2021-11-14T02:03:04+00:00Europe/London11bEurope/LondonSun, 14 Nov 2021 02:03:04 +0000 2017 / 2:03 am

    The Fatsia is wonderful. I haven’t been able to see the attraction with them in the past, but now I do!

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