That don’t impress me much

…… except it did!

Honestly, I don’t usually go to concerts very often, but yesterday I went to my third one in as many weeks! I’m getting quite well acquainted with the concert halls of this wonderful city of mine!

Shania Twain!

Somehow I completely missed that she released her fifth studio album, Now, in 2017, but luckily I didn’t miss the tour for the album.

She had two support acts. First up was Bastian Baker. I admit I’d never heard of him, but he was pretty good and a natural showman, as well as being somewhat pleasant to look at! He did an acoustic set, just him and his guitar.


Our seats for this concert were closer than the seats for Kylie last week, but I still struggled to get great photos. This one is taken of the big screen.

Next up was the Shires. Now this duo I had heard of and I was really looking forward to hearing some more of their music. They’re made up of Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes and they write their own songs. They both auditioned for X Factor, although in different years, and eventually found each other when Ben advertised for a country singer. I’m so glad they did because they’re brilliant.


Then it was time for the headline act to dazzle us, and boy did she dazzle! She did five songs from Now which I didn’t know, but which were really good and she did loads of her classic hits, including three of my favourite tracks, Whose bed have your boots been under, That don’t impress me much and Man! I feel like a woman.

It was the most elaborate show I’ve ever seen, beating even Kylie for the wow, wow, wow, wow factor. There were five giant cubes on stage which moved up and down, were lit up in different colours or showed different images relevant to the song. Shania and her musicians and dancers were, at different times, on, under or in the boxes.


I lost count of how many outfits changes she had, but there must’ve been at least eight, including a skin tight catsuit. My friend said she thought this outfit was a bit wrong. I agree that it really didn’t leave much to the imagination, but, you know what? If I had a figure like that I’d wear one to work too! If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say!

She came on in a sparkly floor length number split to the waist at the back of the auditorium and made her way to the stage through the audience.


She changed outfit every two or three songs and every time she went off we were entertained so well that we didn’t really notice the time until she came back. One time there was a drum solo by the most amazing female drummer who had a mop of bleach blonde hair that really looked the part, later on there was a video montage of some old footage from earlier in her career and the two lead guitar players filled in a gap towards the end of the show with a rock inspired jam session.

After one outfit change she appeared in the centre of the arena with a guitar and she performed a song there. This must’ve been great for the people sat in the floor blocks because she was really close to them. Great photo opportunity.

Speaking of opportunities, I decided that if you can’t channel your inner cowgirl at a Shania Twain concert, then when can you? So I dug out my cowboy boots, threw on a checked shirt and wore double denim for the first time since the late eighties, and I LOVED it! I felt really confident, like I could take on the world. Maybe this is the way forward! C’mon boots!


It was quite a late night but luckily I had today booked off work so I didn’t have to be up too early. I’ve had a lovely day off and I have lots of lovely new purchases in the garden, but I’ll tell you all about that next time.


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