First foray into the world of blogging

Hey! I feel like I’m incredibly late to the blogging bash and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long. I’m a lover of reading and of writing and have always scribbled down random thoughts that pop into my head and I love love love new technology (although I fear the feeling is not always mutual!) so it makes sense to combine the two. My brain is a hotchpotch of this and that, so I’m likely to write about anything from crochet to cooking to cats, but for now gardening is elbowing all other ponderings from my head space.

We (hubby and I) moved to our first house in 2014 and we inherited a VERY neglected and overgrown garden.

E0B66EE0-78C3-44E7-A27A-C4425D17EF65Please forgive the reflection on the photo – I didn’t dream that I’d be sharing it when it was taken through our back bedroom window.

We chipped away at what we could during our first three summers here but it was so daunting! Hubby often works weekends so I’d end up on my own in the jungle feeling like I was fighting an impossible uphill battle. As soon as I cleared something, it all grew back. Very frustrating and demoralising. This year we realised we had to admit that we needed help so we employed someone to clear the worst of the jungle and three beefy blokes with chainsaws and a chipper duly turned up. By the end of the day it was unrecognisable!


It turns out that very few of the trees in the jungle are actually our side of the boundary which should make maintaining our new open space manageable.

How exciting to come home to that blank canvas! Lots of plants have been purchased since and I can’t wait to share more, but my stomach is telling me it’s time for tea so I’ll say TTFN.

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