Six on Saturday 10th April

This Saturday has come round quickly because I had an extra day off work after the bank holiday weekend because it was hubby’s birthday. We couldn’t do much with most places still closed so we went to a garden centre to have a browse. I didn’t buy much – I know there are plants that I need, but I just don’t know which ones yet so I decided not to just buy willy nilly, but to restrain myself and go back when I know what I want.

Anyway, on to this week’s Six. I shared a couple of weeks ago that we had lost my Granny unexpectedly. I have been lucky enough to inherit her outside pots. I haven’t got them yet because she lived a couple of hours drive away, so I’ll get them on the day we go to say our goodbyes (for now). Excuse the quality of the photo – I had to take a screen print of a photo that was emailed to me. I’ll think of Granny every time I look at the pots.

With that in mind, I decided to have a bit of a rearrange outside so that the pots can go somewhere visible from the house in a pretty arrangement that we can enjoy. I potted up the pretty orange cowslip that I shared a couple of weeks ago. It’s flopped a bit, but on the whole seems to have coped ok with being uprooted.

This will probably need to be moved around when I have the pots so I can show them off to best effect. I bought the wall basket from the garden centre this week, and I really like it so I think I’ll get a couple more.

I did succumb to one impulse buy at the garden centre – this Nigrescens grass. I figure it’ll look good in one of Granny’s pots.

Over the Easter weekend I finally got outside to do a little bit of tidying and clearing of winter detritus. There is a vast amount still to do, but it’s far too cold to be out there this weekend. I bought a chrysanthemum last year which was flowering in early summer, and then flowered again in the autumn. I assumed that it would die in the cold and snow we had but, happy days, it’s survived and is putting on some good growth. I don’t know how well it’ll do because it looks a bit patchy, but we’ll see.

Next is my white camellia that I bought in the sale when garden centres reopened after the first lockdown last year. I think it’s fair to say that this bud is full to bursting!

I’m going to finish on a slight cheat – two photos for one point! The daffodils aren’t going to be around for much longer – a lot of them have already faded, so I thought I’d feature them one last time before (hopefully) the summer plants take over. These two, while they don’t look like your stereotypical daffodil, are so delicate and pretty.

As ever, do pop over to check out the comments at the Propagator’s blog for more Sixes. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Six on Saturday 3rd April

Bank holiday has thrown me! I almost started to write this yesterday thinking it was Saturday, and today feels like Sunday. Oh well, it’s not, so here I am.

I’ll start with greenhouse progress and my seeds are coming along nicely. The only ones which are a bit reluctant to get going are my tomatoes. I didn’t take a picture of them – you don’t need to see what is essentially a pot of soil!

I don’t have labels, I have a note on my phone instead. I’d like to say that’s because I’m far too technologically advanced for labels, but actually it’s just that I’m not organised enough to buy any! So, in the green bamboo pots and the triple container there are Russian giant sunflowers, in the two six compartment containers are Pacino gold sunflowers and the tray and the teeny tray on the top right contain sweetpeas. Underneath that in the 99p tray are cosmos dazzler and the white tray middle bottom is nurturing zinnia orange king. Let’s hope they all survive the cold spell that is forecast over the next few days.

Next is an update on the suspected honesty plant that I posted last week. It has put on a huge growth spurt over the past week and now has tiny buds and I recognise them from when I grew honesty a couple of years ago so it is now a fully confirmed honesty plant. It’s a bit skewiff in the pot but I think a couple of carefully placed bedding plants will balance it out.

Next is my ‘new’ raised bed. I use inverted commas because I actually bought and assembled this last year but it was too late in the season to try and grow anything in it so it’s been sat there all winter patiently waiting. I have a bit of an issue because I can’t get the legs into the ground, but I also can’t get the screws out to remove them. I have attempted to recruit a bit of muscle (hubby) to either battle the screws or saw the bottoms off, but for some reason that I just can’t fathom, he doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for it! Don’t worry – I’ll wear him down in the end!

A raised bed needs compost so yesterday we popped to Homebase and picked up lots! I’m going to need more at some point, but this will keep me going for now.

Hopefully there will be enough left for me to pot this lovely lot up.

I ordered these from QVC weeks ago and they arrived a couple of days ago. I have two pots (also from QVC) ready and waiting for them. I actually expected the bulbs to be bigger, but we’ll see what happens.

Speaking of lilies, I noticed that these ones have started sprouting and here starteth my lily beetle watch! I think these are Asiatic lilies. I’ve bought so many that they all merge into one! I’m pretty sure these are the bright yellow ones. Time will tell.

See all the winter detritus covering the ground? This is all from next door’s jungle which means hardly anything grows on this side of the garden. I’ve got a plan hatching for this space though which hopefully I’ll be able to put into action soon and tell you about.

Until then, the Propagator’s blog is ready and waiting for you to peruse along with all the other Sixes for this week. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend with lots of gardening and hopefully lots of chocolate.

Six on Saturday (except it’s Sunday)

I had some sad news on Friday night, so my head wasn’t in the game yesterday to write a post, but I had already taken my photos.

My sad news was that my Granny has passed away. She was eighty nine so you might think it wasn’t unexpected, but it was, and it was a real shock. I didn’t sleep much on Friday night, for obvious reasons, and yesterday as I was driving around everything felt really surreal. I think I expected the universe to know that it’s lost someone special and to be different somehow, but everyone else was just going about their business as normal (or as normal as current circumstances allow) and it felt weird. But maybe it knows something that I don’t, because it hasn’t really lost her, has it? She may have joined my Grandad in whatever’s next, but she will continue to impact our world through my mum, through my aunt, through my cousins, and through me. So I decided I would write today because this little blog is my small way of having an impact on life.

I’m going to stick by the six points rule, but I’m going to deviate from the content rules and make my first point, my Granny.

I found the photo on the left this morning taken at my wedding in 2008, and I couldn’t work out why Granny and Grandad are both looking away from the camera …. then I found the second photo. Clearly they were being snapped from two different angles! My Grandad was a gardener and Granny kept up with his garden after he left us and I did a Six on Saturday a couple of years ago about their garden. Feel free to have a look here.

Heading back to preset and my garden, and if you have just read Granny’s Six, you’ll see why this point leads on from that, my clematis Montana is starting to grow again.

It never does very well and in fact, I’ve had it three or four years and it had its very first flower last year. I was planning to try to find somewhere better for it this year, but I watched Gardeners’ World today and Monty said climbers really dislike being moved, so maybe I should reconsider.

All my remaining points are flowers! Finally, buds are starting to bloom and give me some colour. I need it now to remind me that life can be, and will be again, cheerful. First up is a single solitary grape hyacinth.

I did plant quite a few of these, and I was told that they multiply with gay abandon, but they don’t seem to do very well in my garden. I passed a garden down the road earlier this week and it was bursting full of grape hyacinths so unlikely to be the soil type. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a few more yet.

Next is my Prunus Kojo-No-Ma which arrived from QVC recently. The buds are starting to open and the flowers are so delicate and beautiful. They’re all facing down so far so I had to twist myself into all sorts of odd angles to get this photo.

Next is present from the birds probably. I think it’s a cowslip going by the look of the leaves, but the flowers aren’t the usual bright yellow, they’ve got these gorgeous orange edges. It’s growing in a strange place where it could easily get trampled, so I’ll move it soon.

Finally I’m going to finish with the cheeriest bloom (so far) in the garden. My camellia is in the front garden and it’s had buds since before Christmas but the first one only opened this week. I have to keep remembering to look at it out of the window. In previous years I’ve spent a couple of minutes every morning looking at it when I’ve left for work, but I’m still working from home and I don’t want to miss it because once the flowers bloom they fade disappointingly quickly.

So there we go, my little stamp on the world for another week that would never have happened if it wasn’t for the very special, strong, stoic lady at the top of this post. I’ll try my hardest to continue your legacy in the best ways that I can.