Possibly the faffiest thing I have ever done!

We decided to do something outdoorsy today to make the most of the good weather before it slips away for another year, and we needed something free as funds are a little on the low side at the moment. We decided on a walk in Sutton Park. Last time I was in there the blackberries were almost ready for picking so I took some tupperware so I could take advantage.

Every time I go in the park I seem to discover something I’ve never seen before. This time it was a lovely little lake, not much more than a pond really.


We rambled along in search of good blackberries, and before we knew it we had no idea where we were, and there was no signal so google maps couldn’t come to our rescue! It actually felt quite liberating to be technology free and we just pootled along safe in the knowledge that there were several hours of daylight left and we were bound to emerge somewhere familiar soon.

We did, but unfortunately we still hadn’t come across any decent blackberries! We came out near a mahoosive hill which is part of the annual Great Midlands Fun Run, locally known as the Sutton Fun Run which I’ve done for the past four years. The hill is known as Cardiac Hill, for very good reason and bizarrely along the side of the hill we found the blackberries. They were very small which made me wonder if they weren’t yet ripe, but they came off the bramble very easily so I took the risk. It was a good excuse to take a pause on our way up Cardiac Hill!

The hill leads out of the park, but we soon nipped back in to avoid the boring walk on the road back to the car, and I’m soooooo glad we did. In this post I told you of the ponies in the park but said that I’d never seen one. Well today, we came across loads! What excitement! They’re Exmoor Ponies and they’re gorgeous. They have the most soulful eyes. I was really tempted to stroke one because they look so tame, they weren’t concerned by us being close to them at all, but there are signs telling you to respect their wildness, so I settled for taking loooottttttts of photos of them. I won’t spam you with all of them, but here’s a selection.


I didn’t come home with the biggest haul of blackberries (do you think the ponies have been feasting on them?) but there were enough to make blackberry cupcakes, and so starts the tale of possibly the faffiest thing I have ever done!

I gathered my ingredients ……


…. washed the blackberries ….


….. and got baking.


So far, so good.

The cupcakes came out of the oven looking and smelling delicious, and then I remembered my animal cutter from Lakeland that I told you about here last weekend. I decided to give it a go.

Oh. My. Goodness! I normally have pretty much unlimited patience with crafty, creative pursuits. Not so with this one. I only did one design and then decided for the sake of my sanity to just make buttercream icing for the rest.


You can at least tell what it’s supposed to be, although the colours and stripes kind of make it obvious, but it’s not very good. It’s so fiddly to cut those stripes out and then get them to stay in the right place without making them misshapen. Good job the cutter wasn’t expensive because I can’t see it getting much use! You never know, I might get inspired in the future if someone needs a cupcake zoo.

Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend. Have a great week, and if anyone’s children are starting school, good luck to them.

Tut tut looks like rain!

Are you fed up with the Pooh Bear quotes yet? Sorry, can’t promise they’ll stop any time soon. There seems to be a relevant one for most situations, although it didn’t just look like rain today, it absolutely chucked it down aallllll daaayyyyyy!

Hubby was at work earning the bacon, and I couldn’t get out in the garden because of the awful weather, so I was at a bit of a loose end. I had to collect our food shopping, but other than that the day was my own to do with it what I wanted. I decided to go for a wander around the shops after I’d been to Tesco as they’re mostly under cover. So, what did I come home with you ask? Well, defrosted oven chips, but other than that I think I found out where my money goes!

I’m such a sucker for advertising! If I were an Eskimo I don’t think it would need a good salesperson to sell me ice. They’d just need to dress it up all pretty and cover it with glitter and I’d happily set up a subscription!

I got drawn into Lakeland by this ….


Cute little animals and cake. What’s not to like huh? So I came out with the fancy, super duper cutter that promises to turn me into a cake decorator extraordinaire and the bits and bobs needed to make a few of these cuties.



Assuming I’m successful (and why shouldn’t I be? Let’s think positive – she thought she could so she did!) I’ll show you all the finished articles when I’ve given it a bash.

Then I decided to have a mooch round Flying Tiger. Love this shop – it’s full of weird and wonderful stuff that somehow I manage to convince myself is absolutely necessary to my well-being! See, it’s the Eskimo/ice scenario again!

Theyve definitely got my number with this particular ploy ….


A big shiny bag for £2 with unknown goodies inside and only a titchy porthole to pique your interest! It’s just mean! How am I to know if I want it or not? Curiosity got the better of me!


I love the contents, just need it to stop raining now because it seems I’m set up for a picnic with wooden cutlery, egg napkins and a toucan bottle opener. I also got some cute post its that I’ll be able to use at work and some silver tape that’ll be great for Christmas.

I also picked up a fisheye lens attachment for my phone camera.

Hmmmm ….. might need to do a bit of practise!

Finally I went to Paperchase. This is up there with the best, possibly my favourite shop. Today they even had fantastic music playing. It was like an 80s disco but with  more pens and less curly perms.

I skipped out with my purse a few pounds lighter but happy with the gorgeous things in my shopper.


Hope you’ve all had a great Sunday too and here’s to bank holidays. Whoop, another day of glorious time to do whatever we so desire!