Six on Saturday 30th May – a Jamaican Affair

So right about now we should be about twenty minutes into our flight to Jamaica but instead, ‘wat a gwaan?’ That’s Jamaican for what’s going on? (apparently!) We’re having a non-Jamaican lockdown party for two instead. We’ve got Bob Marley playing on repeat, we’ve got all sorts of Jamaican themed food and beverages planned, and this happened in the garden earlier.

So I’ve decided that the theme for this week’s Six is yellow, green and black in honour of the Jamaican flag. Yellow and green is obviously easy to find in the garden, but I’ve had to be a bit more creative with the black!

First up is this lovely Pansy which is yellow and as close to black as you generally see in nature. I’ve added a lot of pots filled with bright bedding plants to the garden this year. It’s nice to have the time to spend titifying the garden at the moment (although I would really like some normality soon). At least the weather’s good so we can all get out into our gardens for some light relief (those of us that are lucky enough to have them, of course).

I’m counting this next photo as green and black (like the chocolate – yum!) Well, it’s green runner bean plants in a black flexi-tub! I hardened these off for a few days early in the week and planted them out on Friday. It’s my first time growing runner beans so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good crop. You can’t see, but I drilled lots of holes in the flexi-tub for drainage.

I may have included this Geum in a Six before, but it’s beautiful and it fits in with my theme so I hope you don’t mind seeing it again. It was a sale table find last year and, as so often happens with sale table plants, it didn’t do a lot last year, but this year it’s covered in flowers and the bees love it. My other Geum (Totally Tangerine) has just five petals per flower, but this one is wonderfully layered and was a real surprise because I was expecting similar blooms to Miss Tangerine.

Next I’ve included another green and black offering, my gorgeous Pittosporum. I’ve a feeling I paid full price for this because I just couldn’t resist the contrast of the two colours of leaf. It lives quite happily in a container by our swing chair so we can enjoy it while swinging (that sounds wrong!)

Here’s some green. These are Nigella seedlings that have, overnight, developed their first true leaves. I sowed these in a pot and they’ve been in the greenhouse ever since. I think I need to do some research to see if I need to thin the seedlings out. There are rather a lot of them.

I’ll finish with more yellow. I guess many people would count Buttercups as weeds, but they’re bright and cheery so I’ve left some of them this year. They remind me of my childhood too – who hasn’t held a buttercup under their best friend’s chin to find out if they like butter or not?

Right, I’ll get back to my non-Jamaican party now. It’s nearly midday so it’s almost acceptable to have a Pina Colada, right? 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

Don’t forget to pop over to see the Propagator for more (probably not Jamaican themed) Sixes.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30th May – a Jamaican Affair

  1. Dame Eleanor Hull 173105 SatEurope/London2020-05-30T17:41:14+01:00Europe/London05bEurope/LondonSat, 30 May 2020 17:41:14 +0100 2017 / 5:41 pm

    Love your theme! That’s a lot of fun!

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  2. Noelle M 173008 MonEurope/London2020-06-01T08:01:34+01:00Europe/London06bEurope/LondonMon, 01 Jun 2020 08:01:34 +0100 2017 / 8:01 am

    Its always fun to read something about plants with a theme to it. You did right putting in lots of holes in your tub. I was catching up with a neighbour yesterday, appropriately distanced, and we were talking about the lack of rain. Last year when they went to Mexico, and I was looking after their garden, we had deluges during the last three days, so I did not go to water…but they found their new runner beans had very nearly floated out of the tub which had not had any holes put in. Needless to say they drilled lots of holes.

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    • greengirlgardener 173008 MonEurope/London2020-06-01T08:28:12+01:00Europe/London06bEurope/LondonMon, 01 Jun 2020 08:28:12 +0100 2017 / 8:28 am

      Oh whoops! I hope their runner beans survived. It’s my first time growing beans so I’m keeping a close eye on them!


  3. tonytomeo 173003 ThuEurope/London2020-06-04T03:17:44+01:00Europe/London06bEurope/LondonThu, 04 Jun 2020 03:17:44 +0100 2017 / 3:17 am

    What is up with that pittosporum?! New foliage is green and fades do that dark bronze? It does not look like a bronze type.

    Liked by 1 person

    • greengirlgardener 173011 ThuEurope/London2020-06-04T23:03:04+01:00Europe/London06bEurope/LondonThu, 04 Jun 2020 23:03:04 +0100 2017 / 11:03 pm

      Exactly. It’s Pittosporum Tom Thumb and the new growth is limey green and it darkens to almost black. I love the contrast between the two 💚🖤.

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      • tonytomeo 173006 FriEurope/London2020-06-05T06:02:57+01:00Europe/London06bEurope/LondonFri, 05 Jun 2020 06:02:57 +0100 2017 / 6:02 am

        Weird. I remember it from before, but without the green.

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