Showing off my flowers

I really need to fill in my passport renewal form tonight before we jet off on holiday and I’m craving some crochet time too, but I just wanted to pop in to see you before I get on with other things.

Here’s my crochet wip for you to look at.


It’s from this book by Sarah Zimmerman who also has a fab blog. Check her out here.


It’s  supposed to be done with chunky yarn and quite a big hook, but I didn’t have any chunky so I’m doing it with double knit and a 4mm hook. It’ll just be smaller than the book intended. Anyway, more about that when it’s finished, but do check out Sarah’s blog if you like crafty pursuits.

I’ve been enjoying the last of the summer garden this week, and today I got to show off the progress we’ve made this summer to my Dad and Step Mum and my Aunt and Uncle. I don’t get to see my Dad and Step Mum as often as I’d like (busy lives and a bit of geographical distance) and my Aunt and Uncle even less (much much more of a geographical distance). Thank goodness for technology, social media gets berated sometimes, but it does mean it’s easier to stay in touch from a distance.

It was lovely to hear people step into the garden and gasp because so much has changed since last they saw it. Admittedly the real ‘wow’ change was accomplished by the three beefy guys with chainsaws who chopped away the jungle, but I think we’ve made a real cosmetic improvement since then.

I really wanted to just share some photos with you that I took yesterday morning. It had rained in the night and the shimmer of water in the early morning light made the colours of our plants and flowers really pop. I just had to risk being late for work and I trotted out to capture the beauty.


My standard roses! I’ve shown you these before, but I think they deserve a second airing. They’ve done so well and they got a few admiring comments today.


Beautiful patio rose. I can see why bees delve into flowers. This just makes me want to dive into it. So beautiful.

I love vibrant orange. On the left is a magnificent marigold looking like the plant version of a Pomeranian puppy and on the right glorious gazania just starting to unfurl itself as the early morning light wakes it up.

I’m really not a pink person so I’m surprised that I’ve been drawn to all this perfect pinkness for our garden. Doesn’t the rainwater bring out the beauty in the colours? Starting top left and going clockwise these are cosmos, gerbera, erysimum, cyclamen, fuschia and dahlia.


These are my viola bunny ears. This little viola withstood the hot hot weather during July and August and has come out the other side happily and is still rewarding us with beautiful flowers. Can you see why it’s called bunny ears? The two purple petals on each flower peek up just like perky little bunny ears.


This is my diascia cherry blossom. This is one of my big success stories. It was past its best when I brought it home, but today it’s thriving and it makes me grin.


This is calluna, normally just known as heather. I don’t buy many full priced plants. I prefer to save plants from the sale table, but I couldn’t resist this. I love the pink and white against the lime green. Lovely.

Anyway, thanks for popping by, I’d better dash and start my passport form.

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