A Gousto Week

As promised in my last post, I’ve come straight back to tell you about our latest Gousto meals.

We don’t order a Gousto box every week because it works out quite expensive, but I do keep an eye on what new recipes they’ve released and when there are a few that look scrummy I order one.

This is how they arrive.

We ordered four meals for the two of us so the box was quite big! They’d be perfect for moving house but there is absolutely no circumstance under which I would leave my garden now! If anyone else is thinking of moving, sign up for Gousto now!

The box is divided into two. The white bag contains all the ingredients that need to go in the fridge, so the meat, the cheese, the herbs (except parsley because apparently that is like me – doesn’t function well in the cold). The other side has all the store cupboard ingredients and the all important recipes. Gousto have a good ploy – they often give you a free gift. We’ve had a chunky wooden spoon, an oven mit and a handy binder to keep the recipes in.

You receive an email a couple of days before your box arrives with details of what will be arriving as well as the use by dates. This is really handy because it means you can plan in advance which meals to have on which days. It’s also especially handy for this post because I’ve just discovered I neglected to take a photo of one of the meals (presumably I was so hangry that I had to inhale the meal straight away!)

So, this is the email you receive.


This one was really nice. It had smokey paprika in it which is not my most favourite taste, but it worked well in this dish.

Each recipe tells you how many calories there are in the meal and this next one had more than 1150 kcals, but Oh. My. Goodness it was worth it.

Look at the size of that burger! It was all made from scratch (apart from the brioche bun) but was super easy. The burger had cheese, crispy onions and homemade burger sauce in it. It’s safe to say I was in hubby’s good books for picking this one!


Look at the size of that pasta. It’s called fusiloni and it was served with mushroom in a coconutty sauce. This one was just ok, which is unusual for Gousto, normally all their recipes are delicious. The redeeming factor was the pine nuts. We toasted these in a saucepan and sprinkled them over the pasta and they gave it a satisfying crunch.

The final one was a Gousto twist on a popular Chinese dish. This was shredded hoi sin chicken wraps. I was dubious about this one because it was made with chicken thighs which, as a rule, I’m not keen on, but it was a massive success. We both love hoi sin sauce and we love finger food so this was a win win.


Apologies for the bite marks, I couldn’t wait! Not even to take my photo!

I would encourage anyone to try Gousto. It’s a great way of expanding your food repertoire and also saves you some precious time because you have less food shopping to do. If anyone does fancy giving it a go I can give you a promo code to get you 50% off your first two boxes, so just let me know if you want it.


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