A crochet drumroll moment

I think it was inevitable that I was going to turn out to be a crocheter. My parents were given a crochet blanket for me before I was even born, I think by someone that they knew from church. It was single bed sized and made from many many gorgeous granny squares. They were all different colours and no one was the same as another. I think you could call it eclectic – it just went together.

This blanket became known as blankie once I began to speak, and I couldn’t sleep without it. Legend has it that my tiny baby fingers used to push in and out of the holes in the granny squares even in my sleep and I needed that lovely snuggly crocheting with me all the time. Being single bed sized, it wasn’t practical to take it out and about so my Mum crocheted individual squares for me which were apparently discovered in butchers and greengrocers weeks later around Birmingham after I’d dropped them, presumably temporarily distracted by a pork chop or a plum! I was told recently that when I spent weekends at my Dad and Step Mum’s (I should probably explain that situation at some point) they had no option but to bundle me and the entire bed sized blanket into my pushchair because they didn’t have any of the single squares.

Sadly, this blanket hasn’t survived for me to take photos, although I did still have it (ahem) when I got married, but I do have a replacement which is probably more than twenty years old. Here’s a photo of Olive when she was a kitten curled up on the ‘new’ blanket. Wasn’t she a cutie pie?


You can really tell it’s a well loved blanket because the poor thing has seen better days, but it still has pride of place on my pillow where my not-so-tiny-anymore fingers may still find their way in and out of the holes whilst I’m reading, possibly!

As a brief aside, I was once told, many moons ago when I was still single, that I had no chance of getting a boyfriend when I had so many stuffed toys in my then flat, and sadly I took this to heart and got rid of many of my beloved childhood bears. I can tell you that this absolutely is not the case, and you should always remain true to yourself, and if stuffed toys (or shoes, or model trains or a life size model of Chewbacca) are in your heart then you should keep them and treasure them and when the right person comes along, even if they don’t love them like you do, they’ll accept them as important to you. I bitterly regret not keeping some of my bears because they had memories attached to them so, while the official line is that I have to keep my blanket because Olive likes to sleep on it, in actual fact, that blanket is in my heart and it’s not going anywhere.

Despite this early granny square start, I didn’t actually learn to crochet myself until I was in my early thirties when hubby bought me this kit by Cath Kidston for Christmas. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It contained instructions on how to crochet and all the materials needed to make a granny square cushion (bar the innards). I loved it and finished the cushion before the new year.

I like to think I’ve improved somewhat since then, although I don’t think my first project was bad at all for a rookie. My love for crochet has certainly grown exponentially since that first time I put hook to yarn.

So, on to my drumroll moment. I talked to you a few days ago about the latest Little Box of Crochet that I received. You can catch up on that entry here if you like. The project this month was a notebook cover and bookmark designed by the wonderful Lucy at Attic24. See her fantastic blog here for oodles of crochet inspiration.

I absolutely loved this project, so much so that I got carried away with actually making it and neglected to check that it was working up big enough. It wasn’t (I think because my tension is on the tight side) so I had to improvise and my finished cover has some rows of treble crochet to make it fit, but I’m still super happy with it and can’t wait to start using the notebook to record my wips (work in progress) of which there are soon to be many because I have soooooo many creative ideas brewing in my head.

Drumroll ……


I changed the colours of the edging to use more of the colours that I loved most. Lucy added a little flower to her bookmark, but I decided to make a tricolour circle instead to echo the shape of the beautiful little button. I hope Lucy and Amanda (of Little Box of Crochet) don’t mind my little improvisation!


I just love all the colour in this post. How lovely to see my first ever project right next to my most recent project. I’ve really enjoyed meandering through my yarny crochet memories while writing this. I have absolutely no doubt that crochet is with me to stay now I’ve found it.

Well, I’ll let you go now because I need to go and start my next project. I think I’m going to try some corner to corner crochet which I’ve not done before. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. TTFN.

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