Granny square day 2018

Happy belated granny square day! I really wanted to write this entry yesterday, but by the time I’d gone to work, done my body combat class (didn’t forget my kit this week), cooked and eaten dinner (chicken stir fry) and made my granny square to share on instagram for granny square day it was past my bedtime and I was in danger of turning into a pumpkin!

I’ll explain granny square day. It was started back in 2014 on Instagram by suregal27 and the basic premise is to put a close up pic of your favourite granny square on Instagram with the hashtag #grannysquareday2018 and then when you search the hashtag you get a beautiful explosion of colour in the virtual granny square blanket that appears.

I was going to make a traditional granny square because I do so love the repetitive rhythm of going round and round, the softness of the yarn slipping through my fingers, not having to think at all, stopping only to change colours, but then I decided I’d try something a bit more complicated, so I consulted my granny square bible.


This dahlia really cheered me up when I saw it on Tuesday so I had to make this one.


 Look! Already beginning to look like a dahlia …. 


Round and round, delicious popcorn stitches making the dahlia petals …..


Drumroll ……


I really enjoyed making this and couldn’t wait to upload it to Instagram to see it in my on-screen blanket. This is such an amazing idea!!



That’s the virtual blanket with my square at the centre.

Here’s a few more from throughout the day ……


This has inspired me to pick up my hook more often. What to make? I have a baby niece on the way and what better excuse to make a cuddly toy (like I need an excuse for that, there are far more cuddly toys in this house than is normal for a 40 year old, but I care not a jot!) Winter is also on the way and winter means snuggly blankets and scarves and (dare I mention it?) Christmas goodies to give. Hmmmm, I’ll have to write a list.

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