A wonderful wedding

Thursday was the wedding of my youngest brother and his lovely fiancée. They met whilst they were both teaching English in Alexandria in Egypt, but since returning to the UK, they’ve laid their roots up near Manchester, and that’s where the wedding was held in a lovely venue in Didsbury called the Didsbury House Hotel. I was so impressed with it that I’ve already put a review on tripadvisor.

Look how beautiful the bedrooms were! My ultimate bathroom dream is to have a rolltop bath so when I saw that some of the rooms had them, I had to opt for one.

The wedding went absolutely perfectly and my brother and new sister-in-law looked so amazingly happy all day. I don’t want to write too much detail about their special day because I feel it’s theirs to talk about, not mine, but I just had to share some pictures with you because it was all just so lovely, it was like a dream wedding, but they actually managed to make it their reality wedding (through an incredible amount of hard work and organisation, I might add).

The bride’s incredibly talented sister was in charge of flowers, of which there were a lot, and they really did take my breath away. There were roses, lavender, cow parsley, delphiniums, cornflowers and a whole host of others, all in shades of purple, green and cream. The scent was amazing and they really did help to give the whole day a magical feel. We now have two posies on our mantlepiece which make me smile every time I see them.


This beautiful greenhouse was in the grounds of the venue and, look how beautifully dressed it is! It was perfectly in fitting with the theme of the day. I have plans to add a greenhouse to our garden in the future, but it’s an expense that I can’t quite justify at the moment, so for now I’ll just drool over other people’s.


There was cake! Lots of cake! Scrummy carrot cake, Victoria sponge, cookies, brownies, flapjacks. An absolute dieter’s nightmare, but who diets on such a special occasion? Certainly not me!


This was my beautiful place setting. A succulent for everyone as the wedding favours! I have an admission to make! Not everyone was as giddy over the succulents as I was, so I came home with six of them! I promise that I will look after them soooooo well and they’ll remind me of the fantastic day every time my eyes gaze at them. More to come on how and where they’ll be planted.

The bride and groom are both teachers and my brother’s class had designed the table plan and place cards. What a great idea!

One final picture to leave you with that I managed to capture during the ceremony. Is this the moment they officially became married? Not sure, but it’s certainly symbolic of it.


Huge, massive congratulations to you both, and welcome to the family B. We’re so happy to have you.

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