Day one of my week off

I was determined not to waste my time off with trivial time saps like Candy Crush (it’s driven me so mad that I’ve deleted it from my phone, but haven’t got quite annoyed enough to do the same for my iPad) but I made the fatal error of not doing a to do list so while I pondered what to do, I did fall prey to the crush first thing. Argh, must try harder tomorrow.

I decided to take myself off to Ikea to have a mooch without the weekend crowds. I was particularly hoping to pick up some new garden treasures, but there was surprisingly slim pickings. I did get a few bits and bobs.


A Chamaedorea Elegans, aka a small palm tree. Tinkerbell is fascinated by plants. We have to thoroughly check plant toxins before we buy because she likes to give them a little nip and a nibble! This one’s fine, although I will have to find somewhere out of the way otherwise the poor thing will end up chewed.


Aloe Vera. This one is toxic to cats, so I also bought a hanging pot for it so I can make sure it’s out of reach of little feline teeth! For now it’s safely hanging on our picture rail until I decide where it’s going to live.


Arabica coffee plant. This one is also toxic to cats so it’ll be kept out of reach. It likes a humid environment so it’s going to live on the top shelf of our bathroom cabinet where the cats can’t get to.

I wasn’t quite ready to go home, so I googled ‘garden centres near Ikea’ and stumbled across Hollybush Garden Centre and Aquaria. Oh my, what a treat! How did I not know this place existed? As soon as I walked in, it quickly became apparent that I was going to need to go back for a pulley shopping basket. Trundle trundle trundle I went in a joyful haze! The animal centre had all the usual small animals – fluffy rabbits, nervous guinea pigs, sleepy hamsters and chirpy birds, but they also had reptiles, spiders, frogs and fish of every colour and species.

On to the rest. The photos explain it much better than I can.

I could’ve made my bank manager very cross indeed, but I managed to narrow it down to just these three beauties – a succulent, an air plant and, well, a multi coloured frog


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